Evelyne Axell and Axelle Red.

Axelle Red chooses four works by Evelyne Axell for the Fashion Victim Exhibition in Hasselt.

From 26.01.2013 till 2.06.2013

Fashion victim 01

More than 25.000 visitors, a record for the Hasselt Fashion Museum, visited the exhibition “Axelle Red: Fashion Victim”.  Axelle Red is a Belgian singer, writer and composer celebrating her 20 years career in the French Pop music stardom. The Hasselt Fashion Museum gave her “carte blanche” for a large exhibition presenting mainly her huge wardrobe.  In addition to her wardrobe, photography and visual language as a whole also form a visual memory for Axelle’s career. She carefully selected the talented photographers, artists and collaborators whom she admires to illustrate and help present her work.

Fashion victim 02

“Axelle Red: Fashion Victim” tells the very personal story of this passionate relationship. Her favorite artists were represented at this exhibition; Sam Dillemans, Marlene Dumas and Evelyne Axell. For Axelle Red, Evelyne Axell is “like a sister from the past, sharing the same passions and the same kind of feminism”. Works presented were “Valentine”, “Autostop”, “La belle indécise” and “Le peintre en extase”.

See the video (in French only):