« La résistance des images » in Brussels.

Twenty works by Evelyne Axell at «La Patinoire Royale» for an exhibition on “Figuration Narrative”.

April 25 till September 30, 2015.

La Patinoire Royale
Rue Veydt 15
1060 Bruxelles
Tél. +32 (0)495 23 60 70


Centered on the ” Figuration Narrative ” , the exhibition ” La Résistance des Images ” focuses essentially on artists who, regardless of their origin, worked in France. It is : Adami, Aillaud, Arroyau, Axell, Babou, Braun-Vega, Chambas, Cueco, Erró, Fromanger, Giacobazzi, Guyomard, Jacquet, Klasen, Le Boul’ch, Messac, Monory, Morteyrol, Proweller, Rancillac, Recalcati, Schlosser, Spadari, Télémaque and Tyszblat.


The exhibition does not aim at a total historical completeness and therefore is a sort of invitation to experimentation, to reflections and rediscoveries. In a wink, justified by the presentation of this exhibition in Brussels, the work of a Belgian artist who, however much frequented the French stage, Evelyne Axell was associated with the project. If women are well represented in the works, Evelyne Axell is the only woman artist of the show.

Curator : Jean-Jacques Aillagon, former French Minister of Culture.

Video: Interview with Jean-Jacques Aillagor, Curator (in French only).